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Case Study


Pigzbe is a connected cold storage wallet for kids, connected to a digital piggy bank and pocket money app that helps kids age 6+ become the money maestros of tomorrow.Child holding pink Pigzbe crypto storage wallet


  • Product design for kids – Designing products for kids can be quite tricky. One of the key challenges was to create a beautiful experience for kids to interact with their Pigzbe.
  • User-friendly device – Significant power is required to deliver therapy throughout the day; however, a large battery would not make for a user-friendly device.


Optimized material selection

Our objective was to choose materials to optimize a number of metrics of functionality and aesthetics. Using a 192 LED matrix to create a fun interactive and crisp display required a careful balance of brightness, plastic thickness and opaqueness, and specialized painting process. While the device is slim and comfortable to hold, it contains a specially designed silicon diffuser to focus the light in the desired segments while masking light outside of these segments. Using the KD process of design, prototype, testing and iterations, we were able to fine-tune the LED matrix to create a beautiful experience for kids to interact with their Pigzbe.

User interface & DFM rigor

The buttons are a key touchpoint and also aesthetically critical as they are the only surface break on the user-facing side of the device. Maintaining assembly precision comes from DFM/DFA rigor through expert tool design and qualification. Button travel distance, reliability and surface wear are designed for kids to use as they please and withstand the hardship inflicted and still look like it just came out of the box. 

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