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Our design & development process carefully considers your brand integrity and product vision along with the engineering and materials required to deliver a fantastic product and user experience.

Starting as early as a concept, our expert product design engineering services team will work with you through our proven product development process. Every component is carefully engineered to enhance the product while considering costs and feasibility. Using the latest prototyping methods and real manufacturing process knowledge, we will create, refine, and deliver high-quality, sophisticated products prepared for production – so that you can confidently manage your business goals.


At KD, we have all the tools and expertise to analyse and uncover product and market insights to help create the right product strategy.









Engineering expertise

Our in-house team of engineers specialising in mechanical, electrical, tooling, firmware and quality systems, work in unison to quickly design , prototype and iterate your design into the perfect product design package.

Iterative prototyping

A great product design requires multiple prototypes. To us, prototype iteration is extremely important and vital to the success of developing a successful product. Real life user experience starts with a prototype in your hand.

Industrial design partners

We work with some of the top industrial design partners worldwide to create highly-aesthetic, top-quality, refined product designs while also ensuring that they are feasible for manufacturing.

KD product development process

At KD, our product design engineering service will help develop a production-ready design package for your product.

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Deep Dive and Document

Prepare a PRD

The KD engineering product development process starts with the generation of a Product Requirements Document (PRD). We like to involve all stakeholders at this stage to get all of the required information in one place to align on ultimate goals for the product and also to understand the target market and demographic. The PRD is a living and evolving document until the completion of the product development phase. We need to deep dive into the concept vision and product goals to ensure all parties are aligned on the deliverable.
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Design & Prototype

Building physical prototypes that encompass form & function with cost considerations is a critical part of the development and evaluation process.

Our design process can start at industrial design or engineering design depending on your needs. Integrating mechanical design and electronic design is an intricate process that requires multi-disciplinary collaboration and in-depth product design engineering experience. We will choose prototyping methods to allow you to refine and perfect the product that you want to take to market. Our specialities in this stage include cosmetic prototypes, breadboards, proof of concept all the way to looks-like prototypes and works-like prototypes.
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Review & Revamp

Refine prototypes to make a final prototype

The physical experience often changes the way you feel about your product. Weight, surfaces, finishes, touchpoints and interaction are key factors that require design and prototype iteration in order to stay true to the concept and design integrity.

Redesigning Old Products

Kaizen Dynamic specializes in re-engineering old products, making them more relevant, efficient, and appealing to customers. Our seasoned product engineers leverage work with clients, driving more value to their existing line of business products.

Our comprehensive product design engineering services encompass an array of transformative features:

  • Adding new features to the existing product: We don’t merely refurbish; we innovate.
  • Performance upgrades: Optimizing existing capabilities to outdo the most contemporary competitors.
  • Cost optimization: Reducing costs without compromising quality.
  • Compliance and safety upgrades: Ensuring the product remains aligned with the evolving consumer safety standards and industry regulations.
  • Technology integration: Making it smarter, more connected, and utterly indispensable.

Choose us as your strategic partners and transform your legacy products into modern marvels.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work closely with our clients to engineer products that match their vision. Our process focuses on enhancing the product while considering engineering requirements, materials, costs, and feasibility.

It typically involves

  • Ideation and conceptualization
  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Defining project requirements ( product design requirements)
  • Concept design
  • Detailed engineering designs and plans
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Detailed engineering drawings and specifications
  • Product planning and development
Prototyping is integral to the success of the product design and development approach. We believe in iterative prototyping, which means creating multiple prototypes to refine and perfect the product. This helps us be doubly sure of what we are building from multiple perspectives.
We take immense pride in our in-house team of product engineers. They specialize in mechanical, electrical, tooling, firmware, and quality systems. They work collaboratively to design, prototype, and iterate your product into a perfect design package. We have partnered top industrial design partners worldwide to create aesthetically pleasing and manufacturable product designs.

Our product design engineering services focus on three fundamentals,  user-centric design, innovation, and quality assurance. We understand and create products that meet your exact needs and are in alignment with your brand identity.

From new product development to redesigning an old one, we got your back. Partner with us, and increase the chances of creating path breaking products before anyone else in the market.

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