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We create customized end-to-end supply chain solutions - let us help you to create and manage trustworthy supplier partnerships through our services

Finding and developing an excellent manufacturing and supply chain partner in China can be difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the market. Not only is there a language and cultural barrier to overcome, but you’ll also need to evaluate their product quality, manufacturing competencies, and trustworthiness in protecting your intellectual property (IP) rights.

We can connect you with the right Chinese suppliers or source and build a custom supply chain to support your production – so you can focus on the product, while our experts handle the rest.

Key Benefits

Strategy to
qualify suppliers

We have the expertise to successfully manage your suppliers and ensure product safety and compliance.

Expansive & reliable supplier network

KD has a long list of reliable global connections to ensure we find you the best manufacturing partners for your business. You can count on KD to make manufacturing and sourcing simple and cost-effective.

Customisable &
flexible supplier solutions

Our goal is to conduct an in-depth overview of your processes and products to ensure we pair you with the right suppliers that can meet your specific needs.

Unobstructed direct communications

No hidden fees, no mysterious intermediary. We don’t prevent our clients from directly contacting the Chinese suppliers we’ve set up. From day 1, our team is here to facilitate and provide expert advice. Our clients always own all IP along with the supply chain – KD is there to facilitate and provide expertise.


Everything from sourcing suitable screws and components to customising complex highly cosmetic enclosures, our network of suppliers are dependable in their materials and components. Here are a few key areas our suppliers cover:


Injection Moulding

Die Casting


PCB Fabrication


Cityscape of Shenzhen, China

Complete Solutions For Complex Products

With over 15 years’ experience in supply chain development, growth, and validation, our qualified team provides partners for every aspect of the manufacturing process. Headquartered in Shenzhen, we aim to help innovative companies get smart, connected, and highly cosmetic products to market quickly and economically. Through world-class product development solutions validated in real manufacturing scenarios, we have developed and launched over 100 high-quality complex products.

How We Facilitate Supplier Partnerships

At KD, we ensure that your concepts are transformed into reality.

Engineers testing a product


Before reaching out to different suppliers, we need to understand your company’s needs. We’ll work with you to develop an in-depth overview of your processes and products. Once we’ve identified your specific pain points, we’ll go through our existing supplier database or source new suppliers and match you with partners that are most likely to deliver the best solution.


We are committed to nurturing trust and confidence with our supplier partnerships. To ensure this, our dedicated technical team continually audits all our key and potential suppliers’ capabilities. We carefully examine the factory’s technical styles, production ability, pricing structure, quality control systems, processes, and overall fit. This ensures that all our client recommendations are made with the greatest confidence.

Group of engineers looking at a laptop


Based on our thorough audits and research, we’ll then present you with a variety of supplier recommendations that best match your needs. Together, we’ll work closely with you to select the most suitable suppliers, and then we’ll set up and build the necessary working relationships for you.


During the entire process, from NPI to production, our team will work closely on the ground with your chosen suppliers, to ensure that every last detail, design, and engineering integrity is upheld to the highest standards.

Engineers working on computers


Once production is in process, we will continue to provide support to you in any way possible. However, you’ll also have the option to take over your supplier relationships entirely to have full control of your supply chain.

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