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Optimise your product design and reduce inefficiencies in your manufacturing process through our Design for Manufacturing solutions

Employing good product Design for Manufacturing (DFM) as part of your product design is essential to its manufacturability. Design for Manufacturing services offered by Kaizen Dynamic focus on ensuring your mechanical and electronic designs, product materials and assembly methods are feasible and optimized before spending money on tools. We will assist in selecting the best technology and processes to manufacture hardware products. Through our DFM services, we can help you improve product quality, and reduce time and costs significantly.

Key Services

Tooling &

KD can help you select the best equipment and tools to manufacture and assemble your product in a cost-effective manner. KD uses a range of software to test complex designs to ensure parts can be manufactured and assembled correctly.


Through our expertise, KD can help you to select the right materials for each and every part of the product to ensure optimal strength and toughness, flexibility, durability, temperature resistance, and other mechanical properties.


For high-volume manufacturing hardware products, we look for opportunities to optimise costs and eliminate defects. Our engineering team conducts on-site tests to ensure your concepts are feasible for manufacturing and assembly.

Key Benefits


We employ
powerful analysis techniques

KD uses engineering software coupled with expert experience to identify challenges of manufacturing, design inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

Tailored DFM

We collaborate closely with your manufacturers and conduct DFM based on their experience, skills, preferences, machinery, tooling, processes and capabilities. A final DFM needs to be tailored to specific equipment, materials and processes.

Design integrity
comes first

The connection between your product design and manufacturing is invaluable to us, and an area that we understand better than most. We know how to push processes to the limits without jeopardising the outcome or taking risks that are irrecoverable.

Avoid delays &
product compromise

An poorly conducted DFM leads to tools/parts that are not fit for purpose, modifying and adjusting a bad tool is time consuming and expensive and often results in no option but to accept product compromise Investing time into an in-depth DFM always saves time and money in the long run and allows for your concept to be truly realized.

The KD Design For Manufacturing Process

At KD, we ensure that your concepts are transformed into reality.


Analyse & Optimise

Collaboration with manufacturers of electronics and hardware products

We start by evaluating the technical files to verify if the design maturity is ready for DFM or if there are design improvements required before progressing to DFM. Often design files that are not professionally created do not follow basic design principles, if the design quality is not up to scratch you will never be able to truly edit and optimise to achieve your goals.


Implement & Collaborate

Conforms to good manufacturing principles

Once the technical files are ready for DFM we then work on the feasibility of manufacturing in close collaboration with the final manufacturer. At this point of the process we are looking at the detailed structure of tool designs (sliders, undercuts, ejector pins and mold flow) and the fabrication files of PCB’s (component clearance, trace distance, EMI requirements etc). As part of this process, we will review design drawings, proposed processes and other manufacturing-related issues. Design files will be shared with manufacturers, and KD will conduct the  DFM based on their experience, skills, preferences, machinery, equipment, processes and capabilities. During this entire process any decision that impacts form, fit or function is discussed with the client to ensure alignment, collaboration is key.

design for manufacturing dfm

DFM Close & Design Freeze

Comply with environmental, safety and quality standards

Once all parties are satisfied that the design has been optimized and that we are ready to proceed to NPI all technical files are officially released and the design is considered frozen.

This is a major project milestone in any project as this signals the beginning of tool steel preparation and cutting as well as PCB fabrication, a major financial commitment is required and the product features, functions and appearance are fully locked in with limited room for changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) focuses on optimizing product designs for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing of hardware and electronic products. It ensures that product designs, materials, and assembly methods are not only feasible but also optimized before investing in production tools. It helps improve product quality, reduces manufacturing time, and lowers costs significantly.
Our DFM services leverage the use of powerful analysis techniques to identify manufacturing challenges and design inefficiencies. This helps introduce proactive measures to fix the existing problems, thereby maximizing cost savings in the long run. All that without compromising on the product quality.
We take immense pride in our team that works with manufacturers of electronics and hardware parts. This collaboration helps review tool designs, PCB fabrication files, design drawings, and manufacturing-related issues. From concept to production, we ensure the product design matches the manufacturing capabilities and requirements.

“DFM Close & Design Freeze” indicates that the product design has been thoroughly optimized, and all technical files are officially released for production, including tool steel preparation, PCB fabrication, and other manufacturing processes. It means that the product design is ready to go into manufacturing. A major transition in the product development process.

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