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Our research and development can help validate your ideas to craft the ideal product development strategy for your project

The secret behind any successful product? A clear, concise product development strategy. The best ideas are backed up by thorough research and require a dexterous product strategy and clear vision. We help you do just that.

We can work with you from the very beginning of your project to uncover product insights that will help transform your idea into a successful new product.

Key Services

At KD, we have all the tools and expertise to analyse and uncover product and market insights to help create the right product strategy.


Choose your core technology and create your ideal product feature set. Cost, speed to market and complexity are key factors in choosing the right technology to deliver the best product for your customers.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Weigh your products costs against benefits. Our analysis and insights into product features, technologies, roadmaps and competitor studies can help you make informed decisions and can bring your ideas into the real world.


The functionality, reliability and cost of any good product is dependent on the materials/components selected. KD has a unique set of skills to help you find the best cutting-edge solutions for your product performance and aesthetics.

Key Benefits


Expert industry knowledge & advice

Collaborate with a trusted, reputable partner like KD to become a market leader in your industry.

Create your desired product feature set

We have helped many of our clients to create a product feature set to clearly communicate your product vision and uniqueness.

Enhance your brand image

With a proven R&D process by KD, we can help your business to strengthen its brand reputation. Our well thought out research and product development strategy can ensure enhanced credibility of your product and exceed your expectations to strengthen brand image.


At KD, we have a proven product development strategy process that we have implemented across 30 projects.



Collaboration Is Key

It is important for us to first understand and align objectives, timelines and constraints. Through close collaboration with your team, we will define the overall business case and purpose of the program, including initial financial budgeting, as well as draft the overall desired user experience and feature set.


Research Builds Strategy

Our initial product research will help to evaluate your idea to understand what customers are looking for and what available options already exist in the market. By researching comparable products and available technologies  it can help us to understand the technical and business feasibility of your idea and explore different feature set variations of your product.


Industrial Design & Technical Research Brief

Once initial research has solidified into a viable plan, we can help you develop and refine  industrial design models along with a product requirements document that will elevate the aesthetics and performance of your product

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