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Ode is a powerful and precise home coffee grinder with café capabilities. With 64 mm professional-grade flat burrs, 31 grind settings, and a unique single dose load bin for maximum bean freshness, Ode brings the café experience into your kitchen in a beautiful form factor and at a fraction of the cost.

Fellow Ode Coffee Grinder on a table


  • Aesthetics and ergonomics – Consumer-grade grinders are designed generally for cost and convenience and not consistent grind control. On the other hand, professional-grade grinders are designed for performance and not aesthetics or affordability – the main challenge was bridging that gap.
  • Sourcing & managing the right suppliers – Coffee is a specialty industry. Identifying the right suppliers, capabilities and willingness to create something new was essential to delivering the end product.


Grind precision and consistency


Producing consistent coffee grinds is a combination of burr quality, motor control, system precision and parallelism. In essence, every component of the Ode grinder is custom made and engineered for ultimate accuracy and manufacturing repeatability. Using PID motor control, we can ensure that the motor is running the burrs at consistent speed before, after and during the coffee beans pass through the system.


User interface

Fellow creates an experience with every product they create, and ODE is no different. Smooth dial movement, clean button press, and magnetic alignment of the catch are not achieved by accident. By working closely with Fellow engineering and user experience teams, each touchpoint of the device is carefully engineered to delight the user and make mess-free coffee grinding a guarantee.


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