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Case Study


Cala Trio is a simple wearable device similar to a watch. It is the world’s first wrist-worn non-invasive therapy that reduces hand tremor, delivering a personalized therapy that targets the source of the tremor. It is an FDA-approved wearable device provided in the form of a consumer wearable, along with an easy to use connected charging station.


  • Scaling down the wearable to a comfortable size and maintaining high-level aesthetics. 
  • Significant power is required to deliver therapy throughout the day; however, a large battery would not make for a user-friendly device. 
  • Smart power management and stimulation design, low power screen selection along with intricate electronic and mechanical design were crucial for minimizing the size and maximizing the capability.


Cala Trio was highly focused on product design and engaged Kaizen Dynamic to assist in Cala Trio’s development of an optimized design for mass production.

Optimizing system communication

This is a stand-alone device that is not app-driven and does not require a smartphone. The Cala Trio device and charging station utilize BLE and custom LTE and NFC antennas to ensure seamless system communication and data management without requiring any work from the user to connect or input data.


Improving User Interface

The nature of essential tremor means that it is difficult for users to operate small buttons and carry out intricate actions that are usually associated with most wearables. KD provided detailed engineering and development on a number of product features including the following: 

  • button size, placement and sensitivity
  • stimulation device attach/detach to the wrist band
  • wrist band donning, tightening and loosening

All required many design and prototype iterations for user testing before finalizing a design that satisfies all challenges creating an intuitive solution.


Integrating soft goods and electronics

Embedded in the microfiber wristband is a flexible PCB with overmolded conductive silicon electrodes. Comfort and ease of use while delivering reliable therapy are critical to the user experience.


The Outcome

KD worked closely with the Cala Health team from the early prototyping stages through to product design, development and implementation. KD helped Cala Health bring their product in production and available for purchase. KD is very proud to have been given the opportunity to partner with Cala Health in delivering such an impactful product to market.

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