Hardware Design Services - Exploring Possibilities Across Industries

Welcome to KD Product Development’s Hardware Design Services. Unlock innovation with our dedicated team of hardware design engineers, turning concepts into reality. From electronic hardware to cutting-edge FPGA design, our hardware design firm is your partner at every step of your hardware journey.
Hardware Design Services

Hardware Design Services

Rapid Prototyping

In the realm of hardware, swift market validation is essential. Our hardware engineers create rapid prototypes, enabling you to test and fine-tune designs quickly. These prototypes serve as a tangible bridge between your idea and market reality, ensuring alignment with precise market needs.
Rapid Prototyping​
Hardware Prototypes​

Hardware Prototypes

From 3D printed enclosures to comprehensive dashboards and analytics, our hardware prototypes encompass the full spectrum. We craft physical manifestations of your concept, enabling you to assess functionality and user experience before production.

IoT Firmware Development

Unlock hardware potential with custom firmware. Our software engineers develop tailored solutions using languages like LUA, Python, C, and C++. Network protocols, including Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, and architectures like ARM, STM, and more are expertly integrated.
IoT Firmware Development​
Linux Kernel Development​

Linux Kernel Development

Our expertise extends to Linux kernel development, middleware, and migration of legacy applications to new platforms. We harness the power of Linux for optimized solutions, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced performance.

Edge Computing

We implement edge computing strategies for lower latency, faster data processing, and efficient data management. With IoT Edge Computing, your devices gain real-time intelligence while optimizing data storage and network usage.
Edge Computing

Hardware Product Design Services for Manufacturing

Optimize IoT hardware for manufacturing success. Our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) approach ensures components are designed for cost-effectiveness, proper materials, and compliance with quality and safety standards. Prepare for efficient production from the outset.

Assistance with Fab Selection

Navigate the complex world of fabrication with our guidance. We assist in selecting the right fab for your product, optimizing processes, containing costs, and enhancing yield and productivity. Achieve competitive products with expert fab selection.


With a carefully crafted three-stage process, KD Product Development delivers exceptional outcomes with precision and accuracy.

  • Conceptualization and Design
  • Prototyping and Refinement
  • Production and Beyond

We Develop

  • Smart Wearables
  • Security Cameras
  • Health Monitoring Devices
  • Home Automation Controllers
  • Connected Consumer Products
  • Sports Activity Trackers
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Connected Production Systems
  • Constrained Sensor Edge Devices

Our Technical Proficiency Encompasses

  • IT Consulting
  • Processor Architectures
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Board Validation and Manufacturing Test Software
  • Sensors

Specializing as Consumer Electronics Companies' System Integrator

Overseeing Application Performance

Our Application Performance Management involves advanced software to oversee and assess the status and efficiency of applications, enabling immediate and precise insights into system well-being.

Efficient Server Oversight

Our Server Management Software is dedicated to monitoring server performance, ensuring seamless operations.

Our Engagement Models

Our approach to electronic and hardware product design and development is customized to meet your specific needs. Determine how you wish to partner with us.

Dedicated Development Team

Hire our dedicated hardware product designers and developers for your next project. Explore world-class hardware services and solutions that satisfy your evolving project needs.

Expert Team Extension

Upskill your existing team with the niche talent from KD Product Development. From small to large-scale project needs, we bring highest-grade hardware engineering expertise to the table.

Collaborative Project-based Model

Our project-based model ensures close collaboration with clients. Our hardware engineers work with clients, delivering tailored solutions for your specific project needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We prioritize transparency in our hardware product design processes. We provide regular updates on the progress of your project, giving you a complete view of the development team’s accomplishments. Our commitment to transparency helps you stay informed every step of the way.
Starting projects with Research and Development (R&D) and Proof of Concept (PoC) implementation is crucial to anticipate and overcome potential challenges. This initial phase allows us to identify any unforeseen bottlenecks and validate our project estimates, ensuring a smoother hardware product development process.
We prioritize compatibility when selecting and applying technologies. By aligning with your current tech stack, we create solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing system landscape. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also reduces integration and maintenance costs.
KD Product Development boasts a team of seasoned product engineers with extensive hands-on experience in hardware development. Your projects will be entrusted to highly skilled professionals who bring years of expertise to the table.