Unlocking Innovative Products Through Expert Electronic Design Services

Innovative and Networked Consumer Electronic Design Solutions for the Future. Empowering you to incorporate unique functionalities into your current device or create an entirely new electronic product from scratch.
electronic design services

Electronic Design Services

Exploring the Potential of Consumer Electronics

Identify technological prospects to craft exceptional, top-tier products.

Elevating the Consumer Electronics Experience

Crafting remarkable products to provide a profound and enduring user journey.

Consumer Electronics Geared Towards the Future

Pioneering innovation that seamlessly integrates with offerings from Google, IBM, or Amazon.

Our Array of Consumer Electronic Product Development Solutions

Design and Development

Our proficient team employs both open and proprietary operating systems, constructing software across all tiers, spanning firmware, application software, and user-friendly graphical interfaces (GUI).

Enhancing Product Performance

Our service in Application Performance Optimization guarantees seamless system operations by pinpointing and troubleshooting performance issues, ensuring uninterrupted device functionality.

Empowering IoT-Enabled Consumer Apps

We specialize in building Consumer Electronics applications integrated with IoT capabilities, facilitating astute decision-making and elevating user interaction.

Seamless System Integration

We adeptly combine cloud-driven products with cutting-edge technologies like microservices, voice recognition, and AI, enhancing consumer lifestyles substantially.

Development of Mobile Applications

We design and deploy scalable mobile applications for electronic products, enhancing customer experiences and workforce efficiency through innovative mobility solutions.

Effortless Cloud Migration

Our experts facilitate the transition of your product to the cloud, capturing and processing data intelligently for informed decision-making.

Our Proficiency in Design Technology

Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms

  • Azure IoT Hub
  • AWS IoT Hub
  • Google Cloud IoT
  • ThingWorx
  • Predix

Connectivity Solutions

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • LAN
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Ethernet

Communication Protocols

  • MQTT
  • AMQP
  • Thread
  • OCPP
  • REST

Specializing as Consumer Electronics Companies' System Integrator

Overseeing Application Performance

Our Application Performance Management involves advanced software to oversee and assess the status and efficiency of applications, enabling immediate and precise insights into system well-being.

Efficient Server Oversight

Our Server Management Software is dedicated to monitoring server performance, ensuring seamless operations.

Electronics Product Design Process

From Ideation to Reality

Our custom electronic design services are a fusion of creativity and precision. We take concepts and transform them into tangible products, merging artistic vision with technical expertise.
Prototyping for Perfection​

Prototyping for Perfection

We rapidly prototype and rigorously validate designs, refining them for optimal functionality and aesthetics. This iterative approach ensures we create products that are both innovative and reliable.

Engineering Synergy

Our electronics design engineers collaborate to build robust architectures. Careful component selection and seamless integration pave the way for exceptional performance.
Engineering Synergy​
Seamless Software Integration​

Seamless Software Integration

Software and hardware harmonization is key. We weave software development into our process, from firmware to user interfaces, enhancing user experience and functionality.

User-Centric Focus

User experience guides our designs. Through user behavior analysis, we create intuitive interfaces and ergonomic products that enrich lives through technology.
User-Centric Focus​
Manufacturability and Scalability​

Manufacturability and Scalability

We design for real-world execution. Collaboration with manufacturing partners ensures our designs smoothly transition to mass production.

Our Engagement Models

Our electronics design company delivers exceptional solutions that redefine industries.Determine how you wish to work with KD Product Development.

Dedicated Development Team

Leverage the expertise of our electronic design engineers, engaged in cognitive technologies. We provide top-tier electronic design services that elevate your projects.

Expert Team Extension

For clients seeking to augment the skills of their in-house team. Our team extension model is designed to integrate our skilled engineers for successfully delivering complex projects.

Collaborative Project-based Model

Our project-based model ensures close collaboration with clients. Our software development specialists work hand in hand with your team, delivering tailored solutions for your specific project needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our electronic design services ensure that your products meet the necessary standards, including FCC, CE, UL, and other certifications. We strategically select pre-certified components and modules to streamline your certification journey.

KD Product Development excels in various wireless technologies. From common options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to low-power protocols such as BLE, ZigBee, Thread, and Lora, and even cellular networks like GPRS, 3G, 4G LTE, and NB-IoT – we possess a comprehensive grasp of diverse wireless communication solutions.

We are adept at crafting flexible PCB designs. We’re experienced in both rigid-flex and flat-flex circuit designs. Our solutions not only save space but also enhance your hardware’s overall performance.

Our hardware verification process is meticulous. We employ a range of testing methods, including electrical rule checking (ERC) for schematic validation and design rule checking (DRC) for layout verification. We use electronic circuit simulation to ensure optimal PCB signal integrity. We also develop 3D models to guarantee precise enclosure fit. Our testing approach includes strategically placed test points for voltage and signal waveform analysis. Additionally, we offer testing software development for automated or semi-automated mass production testing if needed.